Travel Agent Accreditation

Principal Business Travel is a member of the Travel Trust Association (TTA) and package arrangements booked by them are ATOL protected.

This means that travel arrangements paid in advance have 100% financial protection therefore not only are you saving an awful lot of time booking via a travel agent, you are also protecting your investment, which in these times can only be a good thing. Travel Agents are required to meet strict criteria and work hard to be granted their licences. For maximum peace of mind when travelling, it’s important to select an agent that can offer this guarantee.

Travel Trust Association (TTA)

What is the TTA and why does this matter?

The Travel Trust Association is a travel trade association. Its members consist of travel agents, tour operators and travel organisers. The Travel Trust Association exists in order to protect customers, with 100% financial protection and has been doing so for over 20 years. This means that every penny paid to its members, in advance of travel arrangements, is protected by the Travel Trust Association and processed via members’ Trust Accounts.

Every TTA member will have a practicing certificate. This certificate will identify the TTA member’s number, the company to whom all payments should be made and the trustee for that member including the trustee’s address.

The Travel Protection Plan covers every service which has been booked from a travel company, whether it be for transport, accommodation, entertainment or recreation. It involves two aspects, firstly the Trust account operated for the customer’s benefit. The money may only be released from the Trust to pay for the services which have been booked. Secondly, there is further protection from a guarantee, the TTA will guarantee the financial obligation of its members to repay such sum to clients for up to a maximum any one passenger of £11,000. So if £2,000 has been paid, we guarantee we will reimburse the loss of the £2,000, where it is not available from the Trust account.

Therefore, the Trust Account plus the guarantee will ensure that all the money which has been paid is safely protected and available to reimburse the money paid. When a booking is made, customers are supplied with a guarantee certificate. The terms of the TTA’s guarantee are available to view at

For further information and FAQs, please visit:

Principal Business Travel’s TTA membership number is R8574.


The law says your holiday must be protected if it is a package holiday. ATOL (which stands for Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) is a UK financial protection scheme and it protects most air package holidays sold by travel businesses. The scheme also applies to some flight bookings, usually those where you book flights (including UK domestic flights) but do not receive your tickets immediately.

ATOL was first introduced in 1973, as the popularity of overseas holidays grew. After a number of high profile travel business failures left people stranded overseas the UK Government realised consumers required protection when their travel providers fell into difficulties. ATOL currently protects around 20 million holidaymakers and travellers each year.

If a travel business with an ATOL ceases trading, the ATOL scheme protects consumers who had booked ATOL protected holidays with the business. It will support consumers currently abroad and provide financial reimbursement for the cost of replacing parts of an ATOL protected package.

The scheme is designed to reassure consumers that their money is safe, and will provide assistance in the event of a travel business failure.

Funding and administration

ATOL is run by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). It is able to provide assistance by requiring ATOL holders to pay a fee of £2.50 for each traveller, which is held in a fund managed by the Air Travel Trust. This fund is used to refund, repatriate or reimburse travellers for the cost of repaying for the affected parts of their trip.

This money creates a fund that will support consumers to minimise disruption to their holiday or, if they are no longer able to travel, provide a full refund for the holiday.

For further information and FAQs, please visit:

Principal Business Travel’s ATOL number is T7224.

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