Is travel permitted during the Coronavirus pandemic?

With business travel in an ever changing state of flux, we would like to re-emphasise our commitment to keep our travellers healthy & safe, as well as alleviate the increasing workload on travel organisers as the need for accurate & timely research is critical.

Our key worker customers have been on the move since the beginning of the Lockdown no.1 and we are delighted to continue to play our part in ensuring their safety & wellbeing.

As was the case during Lockdowns 1 & 2, travel & accommodation suppliers have been forced to amend their provision in accordance with Government guidelines and their own economic circumstances. The process of researching and booking business travel is therefore more complex than we have all been used to so saving your time is more important to us than ever.

We have compiled a summary below of the additional steps we are taking to complement our seamless business travel offering, all included within our existing fee structure. We are committed to doing all we can to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients, so do please contact us at any time to request assistance, even if it is just for information.

Travel & Covid-19

Border checks

At this time, national & international travel that involves crossing a country border, including the common area of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland is more often than not subject to restrictions. Principal Business Travel’s first port of call therefore is to source the most up to date requirements of the country to be visited, as well as the conditions on return to the country of origin.

If more than one country is on the itinerary, each border crossed will be checked, including any restrictions applicable to transit passengers.

Following extensive research, we forward government or information links of the country of origin and destinations to the traveller or enquirer for reference. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the travel organiser to be sure of the guidelines but we will provide the most up to date information at our disposal to keep the process as simple as possible.

Travel Restrictions

Air travel, rail, ferries

The vast majority of operators’ services and timetables are currently quite different to the plethora of availability we are used to enjoying.

Please send your request through to us in the usual way. We will revert as soon as we can with suitable options, considering required timetable, travel policy, budget & most direct routes possible.

In order to curb any potential spread of the Coronavirus, social distancing measures are in place both on the ground and during travel, as well as hand sanitisation stations and the requirement for face coverings. It is important to note that retail and catering services may be disrupted and is well worth visiting the websites in advance to check what will be available for you**.

Click here for the latest airline information.

Travel and Coronavirus


Throughout this this period, Principal Business Travel has been committed to ensuring accommodation providers meet strict criteria prior to recommending and confirming any reservations.

In addition to working within the usual parameters of the travel policy, in terms of budget and location, Principal Business Travel also resolves to:

  • Confirm the property is open (it has been surprising how many websites indicated during Lockdown 1.0 that they were open, when in fact they were not).
  • Now we are into Lockdown 3 this is more important than ever, following the reopening, closing & second reopening of many hotels, many have closed or are closing yet again. Not only will we ensure the hotel is open for the required dates at the time of reservation but we will also reconfirm the status 3 days prior to guest arrival.
  • Check the current clientele permitted to stay at the proposed property; for example key workers, essential business travellers, elite athletes etc.

Nb: there are occasions when hotels have mobile numbers for SMS purposes, so advance cancellations are sometimes advised to guests in advance of the notification from us.

  • Advise via the hotel’s information link the required protocols in relation to Covid19, such as social distancing, the wearing of face coverings, health & safety measures, housekeeping & deep cleaning methods.
  • Pre-advise the catering provision for breakfast, as well as other meals throughout the day & evening. Is the restaurant open / operating a grab & go or boxed breakfast policy / what is the room service provision?
  • Research the local area for takeaway and delivery services, as well as supermarkets for self catering options.

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Travel suppliers all over the world, from airports, stations & ports to airlines, rail operators & ferry companies to accommodation providers & car hire operators have worked extremely hard throughout this pandemic to ensure the maximum health & safety measures are in place. At Principal Business Travel, we source and research the very best in options for our customers and will not put any proposal forward unless we are reassured the necessary protocols have been implemented and are adhered to.

All supplier links are forwarded to the travel organiser for their records and own verification.

Please visit for the very latest information from airlines, accommodation suppliers, car hire operators and the UK Travel Corridor, updated every Friday morning.

** Included with The Principal Concierge.

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